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Tittle: Discussion on A 20-Year Demand Forecast and the Asia Pacific

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In accordance with the latest edition of 20-Year Air Passenger Forecast of IATA, demand will be driven the most by the Asia Pacific to 2035 from 2015. And more than half of the passenger traffic will be coming from this region. This is quite a surprising claim indeed. Another exciting fact is that China will be replacing the United States as the largest aviation market in the whole world. This international market will be able to witness it by 2024.

Moreover, India will be displacing the UK in 2015 to the third place. During all of this, Japan and Indonesia both will acquire the 7th and 5th ranks.

Even though this might come as a surprise to people, there is a high likelihood that these claims will be accurate. Why? Well, it because these nations have been increasing passenger traffic for a long time now. And in a few years, the results will be visible to each and every nation in the world.

Out of the top five growing markets, four of them will be from Asia. These nations include China, the US, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. In general, these nations will be responsible for increasing passenger traffic. In other words, the nations will supply an additional number of passengers in the future. And by 2035, 1.8 billion passengers will be transported within and from Asia Pacific. Additionally, on an annual basis, the region will experience a growth of 4.7 percent.

Overall, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the future is going to be quite different. It would certainly be exciting to observe how these nations influence the international market. Still, other consequences are not predicted yet but one can imagine that these nations will be important players in the international market in the future.