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Posted By Admin @ Feb 28, 2022

Tittle: Assignment on Legal-help.com



Table of Content

Executive Summary 3

Business Overview 4

Key Services 4

Location 4

Website 5

Clients 5

Competitors 5

Management and Organization 5

Required Resources and Equipment 7

Marketing Plan 7

Financial Plan 7

Start-up Expenses 7

Revenue Projection 8

Break-even Analysis 9

Executive Summary of Legal-help.com

Legal-help.com will provide services for matters related to business law. The business will start its operations on March 01, 2020 (Start-up date here). However, in the beginning, the firm will provide limited services to the market of United Kingdom. Although, business administration is aimed to enhance services portfolio in future that will enable all people across the UK having legal issues and cases to become a client of Legal-help.com. The administration agrees to take an office on rent to start-up business operations.

Competitor includes the firms which are providing services by using IT services at digital media platforms such as a website. The firm will employ the best marketing strategies and resources management policies to reach breakeven in the first month with 9 clients or revenue of £4320.

Business Overview of Legal-help.com

An online platform "Legal-help.com" website will provide direct access to its nationwide clients to contact a representative or law advisor for legal advice, financial issues, representation in court, and family mediation. Legal-help.com goal is to provide assistance to clients to handle various legal issues and conflicts easily more quickly and cheaply. Services of Legal-help.com will be offered nationwide without discrimination to some specific areas in the country. As decided earlier, services will be mainly offered through the online platform of Legal-help.com that will reduce geographical barriers for the firm as well as assist business staff to cover maximum market. Thus, following this business plan firm will be able to handle legal cases from all major areas of the UK.

 Key Services of Legal-help.com

  In this section, key services of the firm are enlisted. Legal-help.com is aimed offer expert and loyal advisory services and legal aid to clients confronting with legal issues. Key services offered to our clients are but not limited to below:

 Barristers Services for Bankruptcy cases

 Bono Family Law Lawyer Services

 Bono Legal Aid Services

 Vacating Criminal Records

 Legal Services for Debt Issues

Legal-help.com will work as an agency or third party between clients and barristers. It will work as an online platform where we will add informative details about barristers to enable our clients in UK get services from these barristers. In general, legal-help.com is concerned about getting traffic for barristers by advertising and marketing key services offered by them. Thus, our legal-help.com will provide golden opportunity to barristers in getting online cases from clients easily. While platform will be beneficial for the clients as well, because they would not need to search for a barristers by visiting multiple offices.