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Dispute resolving
Dispute resolving
Dispute settlement and dispute resolution is a type of process that resolve disputes and arguments between parties. Dispute resolution reduces violence in the workplace. Sometimes, disputes need the coercive power of the state that enforce settlement and resolution of disputes. Different dispute resolution techniques are designed that assist in conflict resolution. These techniques assist the resolution of antagonisms between different parties and these parties include corporations, citizens, and government (Boden & Victor, 1994). Different methods of dispute resolution include facilitation, negotiation, conciliation, mediation, collaborative law, arbitration, and lawsuits. The present report considered dispute resolution and workers compensation. Workers compensation is to support the families of workers monetarily during any time of injury and accident. Workers compensation can last from weeks to months. The present report describes the benefits of the dispute resolution process and worker compensation in an organization (Roberts & Yotuig, 1997).
The requirement of the dispute process
Dispute resolution is important to resolve workplace issues. The alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provides parties with opportunities to work through the special issues of the dispute by considering the third-party involvement to resolve the issue. This process is comparably less expensive, and it is faster than other processes such as going to the court (Roberts & Yotuig, 1997). The alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is generally faster and less expensive than reduces stress, cost, and time. In organizations, the dispute may arise when one or more people are disagreeing with the matter or something. The balanced and fair dispute resolution process is highly important for having the effective operation of any business. The best practice guide further explains the advantages of best practice dispute resolution (Vdovin, 2017).
Causes of injured workers dispute
The worker's compensation claims dispute and there are different reasons and remedies. If any employee of the organization gets injured during the scope of their work. They can claim benefits under the compensation program of workers (Boden & Victor, 1994). An employee can claim for the compensation, disability benefits, medical expenses, and loss of wages. There are different common reasons that an employer claim for the dispute or workers compensation. The reasons include saving premium costs and employer bias. There is several reasons when an employer denies providing workers compensation to an injured employee (Roberts & Yotuig, 1997). Most often the causes include,
1. The injury is not in the scope of work or job timings.
2. The injury is not major.
3. The employee does not require any kind of time off work.
4. There is no need for medical attention.
In case of injuries, it is workers right to choose the treating physician and claim for the expert physician. They can also negotiate in case of any bully in the workplace and what issues they are facing in the workplace (Roberts, 2011).
The root cause of disputes
There are different possible root causes for disputes and a high correlation is maintained between the predicted and actual types of injuries. The major causes of conflict in the workplace are poor management and unfair treatment of the employer and management section with the workers. Some of the other cause of dispute include unclear job roles, poor communication, poor work environment, and lack of equal opportunities (Boden & Victor, 1994). The workers are not provided with a list of their duties and how they must provide services in the company. In the case of harassment and bullying, the staff or other employees are required to have effective participation. The other major causes of workplace conflict are personality clashes, business values, unrealistic expectation and needs, unresolved workplace issues, and increase in the workload. One of the important factors is to understand the root causes of unhappiness and individual unresponsive attitude in the workplace (Nibusinessinfo. co. UK, 2019).