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Posted By Admin @ Feb 28, 2022

Tittle: Discussion on “my love Oliver”

First of all, I want to tell you that I missed you a lot. I am missing your presence every time. I was giving my exams last week now. I am completely free. You know how much time has been passed to our relationship and you have promised me to marry me in the coming month.

My dear Oliver, you are always an extremely special person for me in my life. Just because of D you, I was able to gain my confidence and passed that exam perfectly. My hero, why you have gone too much far away from me. you know that it was quite difficult for me to survive without you. This is because, without you, Oliver, Jennifer is nothing. I am in quite a happy mood while writing this letter.

My prince, you remember how much you have faced a struggle for making me, princess. I know that time when you have nothing, but you always made me special by doing some amazing things. You were the only person that stood with me in my harsh time. My dear Oliver, your presence in my life is extremely precious. I still remember that time how you build by confidence by doing some awful movements. I remember all of the struggles that you had paid for me. Now, my dear, everything is cleared. Now good days are extremely near. I am extremely waiting for the next month because we will be together forever. This will be one of the most precious times of my life. I just wanted to say that can you please take a break and come home for the sake of wedding dresses. I wanted to go with you for my shopping. I am extremely excited about that day, my dear Oliver. I am waiting for your response.

Your love Jennifer