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Drawing on the RESOURCE BASED REVIEW (RBV) literature, evaluate whether and how Ningbo Bird CO.LTD generates a sustainable competitive advantage
Drawing on the RESOURCE BASED REVIEW (RBV) literature, evaluate whether and how Ningbo Bird CO.LTD Generates a sustainable competitive advantage.
The Resource-Based Review (RBV) give a brief description of competitive similarity in the different market situation which is considered as competitive advantage which could get within the specific period. It is considered a double process of getting benefits with the owing capacities of the firm (Kraaijenbrink, et al., 2010). Ningbo Bird Co. ltd is china based company who is dealing with the high technology products such as mobile phones, palm computers, and system equipment. In Ningbo Bird Co. ltd gain competitiveness to decide for the competitive advantages of firms, industry and among the countries. Ningbo Bird Co. ltd has created different centers in Hangzhou, which were supported by the different Ph.D. scholars who used different innovative technology stories in the field of technology. Company is working in the market with different competency strategies to avail competitive advantage in the market. There may be different competencies such as marketing and sale strategy, people and sales strategy.
Marketing and sale strategy should be unique from the other competitors to get competitive advantage in the market. According to the market situation, the CEO of bird decided to penetrate the market by targeting the young generation who loved to the fashionable products with cubic promotion strategy. For this purpose company made heavy investment in the market and afterwards they get succeeded. Building up a specific management system was set up to run the business with lower staff was strategy of Xu Lihua who paid great attention on the on the current market situation, which means that all staff will be work as a family. This will help to make the decision making and policy making power strong. The company invested a large amount of funds to cover all the branches at a single platform. Furthermore there is strategy to manage the people in a way to find out that in how way they handled the outsiders in the market therefore there should be a competent authority who handle all the matters with due care.
 In the most countries like china all the people are eager to use new technology while using mobile phones so that they could fulfill the requirement of the current era. The people who done good will be rewarded and who commit fault will be liable for punishment.
“In order to reward the excellent staffs and punish the non-performers” [Case Study CC-304-027pp-2]
 The CEO also implement the proper execution of the plans to build a flexible environment in the organization. Ningbo bird co implemented these competencies to sustain competitive advantage in the market.
Mr. Xu, the CEO of the company, wants to increase the legacy of the company before he gets retirement, but it came to his mind that there should be promising business direction that will lead to the business of Ningbo Bird Co. Ltd. To establish the system which could sustain in the market for a century. There are many competitors in the market such as Samsung and heir in China which could serve the customers with all these services which they required from the mobile industry. He learned from the competitors and made the Ningbo Bird Co. ltd able to meet the competition in the market with competitive advantages. There are several awards of “Customer satisfaction” after the quality provided to the customers with highly satisfied customer reviews.
“We decided to set up our own sales networks to control each service terminal” [case study pp-2]
The basic interference of RBV is most likely to find the development in the organizations with the resources which are managed with different categories with identification of the pathway to get a competitive advantage with the identification of the resources and skills which are implemented to increase the skills of the organization in the market.
With the growing and increasing competition in the market, mobile technology and other technologies are managing their resources and assets which leads to a company with the best way to compete in the market.