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Tittle: Essay on Employee’s break

Type: Essay

Subject: Corporations


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In an organization, the employees the employees tend to put their maximum efforts. For the said purpose, the practices they adopt include the overtime, working on the extra projects as well as giving full time to the job. Actually, this practice of hard work is neither effective nor healthy. The employees are of the view that their workplace standing relies on 24/7 work. This perception of the employees is based on the employer’s attitude.

For encouraging the employees, the organizations are required to provide the employees with the breaks at regular intervals. It is especially related to the lunch breaks. This activity helps to make the employees feel relax and more energetic for the rest of the day. Also, it tends to have the impact on the overall jobs satisfaction.

The employees take the break from work in order to relax themselves. It provides you with the time to take a deep breath in order to have the positive impact on both the mind as well as the body. The indirect impact of this activity is on the information retention related to the work been done. The more you get the time to relax yourself the more positive impact it has on the brain. The retention of the information is mandatory as it is forgotten from time to time. The brain polishing is also desirable after regular intervals. The more the brain is provided with the chance to relax the more it helps to retain the information. It is done by sending the information to different parts of the brain.

Background of Employee’s break

 According to the organizational policies, the employers are required to provide the employees with the meal breaks. It will serve as the surety that the employees are not working for more than 5 consecutive hours. Rather they are provided with the opportunity to relax their minds through the break-hour. The employer is not liable to pay the employees for this meal-break unless an employee performs the job during the break-hour.

 The meal-break is tenure of at least one-half hour which provides the employees with the opportunity to eat. The tea breaks or the coffee breaks are not perceived as the meal break. These breaks cannot be substituted for the one hour meal break.