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Tittle: Report on Supply Chain Management System of Almarai food company Saudi Arabia

Type: Report

Subject: Supply chain management


Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Problem Statement 3

Supply Chain Management activities by the Companies 4

Comparison and Contrast of the Supply Chains 5

Al Baik 6

Almarai 6

Emirates Airlines 7

Suggestion to the Companies 7

Conclusion 9

References 10

Supply Chain Management System

Introduction of Supply Chain Management System of Almarai food company Saudi Arabia

Supply chain in the business world involves the services, information, cash, flow of goods regarding the supply or availability of the product or services. The supply chain could be explained as the capacity requirement planning; regarding supply chain management there is the need to notice the changing of customer preferences with the time. However, in the field of the supply chain, the companies in the modern world need to effectively and efficiently respond to the market or customers need by concerned about the appropriate levels of outsourcing, through managing the suppliers, quickly identify problems, managing procurement as well as managing customer relationships. For effective supply chain management, the companies should focus on the planning and coordinating activities for the product and service flow from suppliers to get timely goods and services (Jacobs, 2016).

The modern supply chain needs to focus to enhance efficiency in satisfaction in the customer needs as there should be the diversified products in the market because modern customers have awareness regarding the diversified products that are present in the market. Modern customers with the use of Social Media can get the awareness of the product or services. To manage the customer’s, interact there is the need to stay updated and there is the need to respond to the various needs.