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Posted By Admin @ Mar 02, 2022

Tittle: Review of A photo gallery exhibition held in the Orange County Center of art

Type: Professional Writing

Subject: Arts and educations


A photo gallery exhibition held in the Orange County Center of art described how simple psychoactive plants have been delivering a huge contribution to the global economies, challenged the people’s beliefs, triggered the human to perform violence actions, and also fueled the addiction. These psychoactive plants represented as opium, cannabis, tobacco, coffee, coca, and also magic mushrooms.

In the series of visionary plants, the photos describe around the process right from the growing and also generating the plants, the photographs were made in a number of stages, and ultimately recombining them into fictional arrangements that presented their psychoactive nature, in which the plants’ size was illustrated to be bigger than the size of human’s life. Another interesting photograph of poppyhead, which illustrated on the seedpods of the opium poppy that has been cut into slices, with a purpose to release the opium source, heroin, morphine, along with the narcotic sap. The sap is actually the opium’s body fluid, which is nurtured, in order to move around, side to side with the human bodies’ chemicals and bodily fluids. Altogether, these poppy heads have turned out to become a focal point which suggests a portrayal that speaks to the amazement whereas the humans hold its emotional impacts, pain, fueled by a deep addiction, improved stages of mental, along with the senses of cosmic association.

Furthermore, the photographs that presented tobacco leaves as an apparent designed for a picture to describe the relationship that stuck between the plant itself with human beings. This relationship has its own heritage which made us go back to the history of tobacco in the United States along with its proceeding usage by European people, which took place right after colonization. Combined with the images, there are also some medical and spiritual practices to add the addictive made by this plant. Another amazing picture from this exhibition was presented by the cannabis plant, which has been a controversial argument these days. Cannabis plant which also known as marijuana has been a subject matter of dispute among societies nowadays. Some of them have suggested that this marijuana should be legally authorized since 0the fact that it has a valuable use in the medicinal purposes. On the other hand, some societies have been presenting their different opinions that marijuana should not be legalized. The reason is due to marijuana has the capability to make people addicted to it, despite the fact that this plant could really benefit from medication. This description also has been presented in this gallery by giving the title “Sex of Drugs” for the photograph of the cannabis plant.

Overall, this Orange County gallery exhibition has described properly how the plants that supposed to enrich our environment have turned out to become destructive ones for human’s life. However, the exhibition still has not given any clear definition whether those plants are really responsible, or the humans who misused the plants that more responsible for this situation.