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Audit Risk
Audit Risk
 Article: 1
A research study conducted by Graham, Bedard, and Dutta in 2018 is aimed to investigate audit risk in a multicomponent audit setting. In the current environment, managing group audit risk is the highly critical and long-standing issue which is must be addressed to ensure efficient auditing system. The research study was conducted on small-sized organizations including 250 stores in the retail chain. In the research study, models were developed to support the examination of auditing risk. Research data was collected from the employees of these selected stores. According to the results of collected data, audit procedure get influence from misstatement pattern by managing group. Therefore, judgments of professional auditors are critical and difficult regarding the selection of appropriate auditing approach. Researchers have presented some recommendations about adding other factors and mathematical model in the auditing process to reduce risk factor associated with the auditing process in an organization (Graham, Bedard, & Dutta, 2018)
Article: 2
The study aims to examine the causes of audit risk in the companies listed at the stock exchange. Companies listed on stock exchanges try to control falsification and manipulation of financial statements of a company by the internal and external auditing system however still some factors cause to increase auditing risk. The research study is aimed to discuss these factors as causes for auditing risk. The samples are drawn from the workforce and professionals of selected listed companies. Research data is collected from secondary and primary research resources. According to research findings, auditing risk causes mainly relates to subjects that concern with financial information generation and presentation to the stakeholders. Companies conduct frauds and manipulate information under the pressure of management and corporate governance that constitutes the auditing risk. The researcher recommended that auditing team should pay attention to frequent changes in the financial outcomes of the company and abnormal stock changes thus auditing risk can be controlled (Sun, 2018).