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Tittle: Repot on Functional Areas of Business

Type: Report

Subject: business




Introduction of Functional Areas of Business

The research paper is dealing with the basic functions of the business, which are necessary to take into consideration while working on a business. The purpose of the study is to explain the business structure and its functions, which are being enforced in the business as key functions, and to learn that how these functions are important to attain the organizational goals in the newly merged company. All the businesses have some goals which are necessary to meet the requirements of the business to get maximum satisfaction. The main functions of this research paper are human resources, marketing, and operations in different businesses. In this research there are two main areas, such as human resources and marketing which are being discussed. There is also research about how IT department helps the RPZ to promote the business, and in the end, there is a conclusion of all the research (L. D. Alexander, 1979).

Functional areas of business

There are many areas in business which are performing a basic role in business performance. The main functions of this research paper are human resources and marketing in different businesses.

Human resource management & Functional Areas of Business

It is commonly known that human resource department of any business is considered as an asset of the business, which plays a key role in the performance of the business. Every organization lies its heart in its people who are building the worth of the business (P. Budhwar & Debrah, 2009). HR department of any organization is responsible for the hiring of people who will work for the organization to achieve the goals set by the management. It is also responsible for determining the remuneration for different posts according to the key position of the employees with a concern to develop the salaries. Professionals of HR department are to formulate the strategies of attaining the goals in the organization. HR department is holding the control of the organization which is necessary for attaining the goals. To get the ultimate goals, HR department follows some programs:

• Training and development

• Project management

• Compliance management

• Motivation of employees

• Performance appraisal

• Quality assurance

Marketing of Functional Areas of Business

Every business that is prevailing in the market is required to get known by the people so they could get familiar with its service and products which are available in the market. Marketing activities are considered as best way to communicate with the customers and make them able to know about the product and easily get access. Companies invest heavy funds to get long term benefits of the promotion to attain the success, profitability, and expansion in the business. This department helps generate sales and help the company to grow (R. T.Rust, Lemon, & Zeithaml, 2004). The marketing department is key to the sales department, which is dependent on the activities of that department. This function area is work on the activities which are done to get familiar with the customers. For this purpose there is RPZ Company who is working in digital and all kinds of marketing of companies and businesses in the market with great strategies. The basic responsibilities of marketing departments are:

• Find out the customer’s demand

• Get information about the market and competitors

• Working on the brand values among public

• Help to improve sales and customer relationship

• Describe the strategic goals of the company

RPZ marketing strategies of Functional Areas of Business

RPZ is a firm that is doing business of promoting its employees through social and media marketing. The basic purpose of the marketing department is to know about the customer’s needs and support these needs to the organization to get the ultimate goals. RPZ helps different organizations to build new relationships with customers and maintain good relations with the existing customers. As concerned with newly merged businesses which should have marketing strategies to represent that RPZ marketing has to offer payrolls and other benefits with the help of human resource department. As we discussed above human resource department performs a key role in achieving the goals of the organization. That’s why it is important to take into account the RPZ marketing company (Y.Kinoshita, et al., 2017).