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Posted By Admin @ Feb 28, 2022

tittle: Privacy policy for home health care

type: Professional Writing

Subject: IT


The privacy policy is developed to respond to improving global consciousness, assure the confidentiality of data, and privacy safeguard. The policy for privacy ensures the fair federal privacy legislation, provincial privacy legislation, heath information protection Act (HIPA), information practice principle set, personal information protection and electronic document act (PIPEDA), Personal health information protection act (PHIPA) and Bill 31. The policy statement defines the privacy rules compliance with personal health information protection act (PHIPA) related to use and disclosure of information and collection of data about the health issues. In our health care, all the information about the personal health of patient and client is recorded and it is custody of health care. The information and data are completely under control as our health care meets all the conditions of PHIPA that is also redefined as "Health care custodian".

Agent: Agent is in relation to the health information custodian that means authorization of custodian.

Confidentiality: it is referred to as third-party obligation that ensures all the information is accessible only to the authorized access. Confidentiality is the duty of our healthcare and privacy is referred to individual rights.

Consent: It means the information is under the voluntary agreement and consent can be either implied or expressed. Express consent works under explicit conditions and implied work under the action and inaction of the individuals.

Disclosure: the personal health information will be released to the third party only under specific and defined purpose.

Personal health information: the personal health information is subjective or factual information that includes information related to age, name, ethnic origin, income, health insurance number, genetic information, mental health, donation, and other health services provided to the individual. Our healthcare ensures privacy and control over all the information of an individual.