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Tittle: What are the characteristics of Faith in contemporary liberation theology? Explain each feature.

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They are characterized as the historical praxis of liberation. It has a vast history, due to it arises in the secular society of that culture. This social can not be eternal, universal, and abstract. It’s the praxis which engages the believer to struggle against the change of human society, and this transformation changes the beliefs, thinking, and feeling of the strugglers. Finally, the praxis succeeded just because he directed “the freedom with which Christ has set us free.” This may include the economic and political changes without any description. From his earliest writings, the magazine has insisted freedom can not be complete without the kingdom of God, which is made by God himself at the end of the history. Faith can be operated only through love.

What is Faith as “Praxis”?

The faith praxis is a Christian theology; the praxis is related to the human actions and behaviors that go beyond practices. Praxis is the combination of actions and reflections that realizes the historicity of human being. In the way, operations are recognized in the way how historicity effects. This concept is highlighted by the Latin American liberation theologians, as many of their colleagues hold this concept that the word God did not come from the script of the Christian to pay concentration on the situation of the contemporary society. In Latin America, society is divided between two halves rich and poor.

What are the Strengths of performative models?

The strength of the model is to believe in the love of God, even in isolation, that christ is shown as God empowers the poor one to whom that is undergoes suffering for the sake of justice. And the faith is the acceptance of revealed the truth, and it involves the practice assurance. God is encountered the poor in the past to give a strong message to the human initiative and sense of responsibility to express their social activities as a commitment to change the world. It adheres to Christ, “who according to prophecy,” would not be faild and discouraged, till he made the justice on the earth.

What are the limitations of the performative model?

The faith in the framework of liberationist, the adherent of this model, becomes intolerable for the expression of the gospel. It adheres to Christ, “who according to prophecy,” would not be failed and discouraged, till he made the justice on the earth. This expression of faith can move towards over activism and burn out from contemplative and neglected life.