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Title: Assignment on The Story of Young Isabella

Type: Assignment

Subject: education


The Story of Young Isabella

There she was, standing on the street with her green outfit, mini skirt, tan-colored furry boots, along with a brown belt with a skull attached it. Despite her role as a hero who was eventually chosen by the ancient magical beings to save her world, Isabella, an insanely beautiful barbarian girl also had her own dream to live normally as other young girls. However, she had to side her dream and focused on saving her world from an evil wizard named Zack who acquires an evil artifact that has allowed him to possess all the magical powers in existence.

Everyone never had any idea that a young, innocent, and beautiful girl with long curly red hair was actually a hero who had a big responsibility to save the world. This was due to Isabella had always been hiding her ‘life of a hero’ from her family and friends. The reason was that she did not want any of her friends found out that a hero that had been covered up her face with a winged helmet was her. Yes, she had been wearing that winged helmet not only to cover up a big scar across her face. Instead, that winged helmet had a special duty to cover up her identity as well.

Ever since the ancient magical beings had requested her to fight Zack, an evil wizard to save her world from his wicked purpose which supported by his magical powers gained from an evil artifact, Isabella had always seen with her double-edged battle-ax whenever she tried to stop Zack from making any type of disaster to the society.

Meet Isabella

Isabella was a normal girl who, unfortunately, had an undesirable childhood that every single daughter in this world would never want to have. Actually, she has grown up in a well-respected family with a lovely mother, a responsible father, along with her only brother which made everything to be perfect for her. Her father was used to take her, her mother, along with her little brother for a vacancy every weekend. Everyone had always seen them as a perfect and happy family where there were laughs and warms in every second of the family-time that they spent.

However, Isabella soon had to realize that there was no such perfect thing in this world. It all happened when her father left her, her mother, and her little brother, to get married to a young girl. Her life had changed ever since then, her father was never showed up anymore to give her support and memorable time as he always did. This really crashed Isabella since she had been so close to her father, even more than her mother. She was used to sharing everything with him. She even still remember how her father would have hugged her every time her friends were teasing her ponytails style at each side of her head, which defined as an ‘old style’ by them.

Thus, Isabella had to live in misery where she saw her mother hide in her room and cried. Many times, Isabella also could hear how her mother was speaking with her father on the phone, beg him to come back. Deep inside her heart, Isabella had promised that she would never end up to become the same woman as her mother. She loved her mother, it is an obvious thing, but she really hated when she saw her weakness and beg to a person who did not even care for her any longer. One night, Isabella came into her mother’s room and saw how her mother was silently crying, she approached her and said,

“Mother, you are stronger than this! You should never disrespect yourself for others.”