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Tittle: Essay on Partnership Agreement of The GoMamam

Type: Essay / Professional Writing

Subject: Business Communications


The GoMamam Company Profile

GoMamam is a food delivery company that established to give the best solution for restaurants in delivering food to their customers. Our company aims to support the restaurants to extend their business range by partnering together in delivering their food to the customers who live in some areas that might be unreachable for the restaurants.

This Partnership Agreement highlights all the Terms & Conditions that needed to be followed by all of our business partners. Please through all of the points mentioned below to understand properly before using our complete services.

Overview of the GoMamam

We acknowledge that all of the Terms & Conditions included in this Partnership Agreement might be massive and also might deliver confusion to our business partners. For this reason, we have tried our best to make sure that every single point noted here is clear and brief.

We would like to remind you that once you have signed this Partnership Agreement, it means you are totally accepting the whole Terms & Conditions mentioned on this page.

For any further comments or queries related to this Partnership Agreement can be sent to our official email address (company’s email address).

Eligibility of The GoMamam

In order to sign up a Partnership Agreement with GoMamam, you must:

 Have the capability to perform legally binding contracts

 Have adequate knowledge, experience, along with a proper understanding of the entire procedures of the services provided by GoMamam

 Have a full right to access the authorized statement and would not violate any lawful interactions by doing so

 Have never been suspended or terminated from our list of business partners in previous days

By signing this Partnership Agreement, you agree, signify, and also guarantee that you would not infringe any part of the Terms & Conditions included in this Partnership Agreement.

The Rights and Responsibilities of GoMamam

In this Partnership Agreement, GoMamam has rights to:

• Charge _____ per month for a period of 6/12/24 months

• Announce a partnership with the new restaurant via our official social media

• Charge the restaurant 5% for each delivery

• Has the right to cancel all the points mentioned in this Partnership Agreement

In this Partnership Agreement, GoMamam has a responsibility to:

• Deliver food in 1 hour in the BSB area, depending on traffic and weather

The Rights & Responsibilities of the Restaurant of The GoMamam

The Restaurant as the business partner of GoMamam has responsibilities to:

• Promote GoMamam partnership on their social media or any other method

• The sticker of GoMamam must be visible in the restaurant

• Follows all the points mentioned in the GoMamam SOP.

In case if the restaurant will fail for three times, then GoMamam has the right to cancel and charge contract amount

Specific Conditions of The GoMamam

GoMamam has the rights at any time to:

a. Refuse to make a partnership with a restaurant that we viewed not reliable enough to avail the services we provided

b. Implement any further terms or restrictions on this Partnership Agreement with also sending a notification statement for the restaurant

c. Temporarily or permanently amend or terminate any part of this Partnership Agreement

GoMamam has the authority to amend or change the Terms & Conditions in this Partnership Agreement in our own preference at any time. We will send a notification to all of the business partners regarding the amends or modification by email.

The Whole Agreement of The GoMamam

This Partnership Agreement established in a complete observation and acknowledgment, in which the core material hereof substitutes of the whole Partnership Agreement, discussions, and acknowledgement between the restaurant and GoMamam.

If there would be any modifications or changes required in the future to this Partnership Agreement, then it should be written in a form of official documents, and also should be signed by both the restaurant and also GoMamam.