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Title: Report on Proposal for Performance Evaluation of University Lecturers


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Proposal for Performance Evaluation of University Lecturers

 The role of faculty is important in any university because faculty members are the ones who are responsible for giving proper education to their students so that students can get effective education, which not only enhances their knowledge but skills & capabilities as well. It is important to understand that the role of lecturers is critical in shaping the future of students. The students come to universities with so many high hopes. They come to universities with the belief that these institutions will give them great knowledge and they will be capable of handling practical world situations in their personal and professional life. These hopes from the students are right as they deserve these benefits from their educational institutions, but what if they come to university, and still they don’t learn much. There could be two major reasons behind it; one, they are not interested and focused in their studies; second, they are ready to learn as much as possible, but their lecturers are not delivering what is expected from them. If lecturers do not have the capability, or if they are not working as per their capability, then their teaching method would lack those elements, which are essential for developing a great learning environment. The students look up to their lecturers for inspiration, and if lecturers are not showing those traits, then who would inspire students?

 The university has to create a learning environment that shapes the personal and professional lives of students in so many different ways. It is not just about learning knowledge for their respective fields. It is also important for them to learn, how they should behave with their peers, and how they can develop their communication skills to handle different situations with a variety of people. All of this can only be learned in an effective learning environment, where lecturers are showing their full interest with capabilities to transfer their knowledge and experience to the students. This is the kind of commitment needed from the faculty members in all universities. The question is that how it will be made sure that lecturers are performing and delivering as per expectations, and what to do if they lack behind in any given terms. The answer to this question is “the performance evaluation criteria” to be developed and implemented so that the performance of lecturers is evaluated on a regular basis. This performance valuation of lecturers is critical in so many ways because it will keep them aware that they have to perform well to get rewards and recognition. It can be said that other than regards, it is important for the pride of lecturers as well so that they can be proud of their efforts that they have inspired so many students and changed their perspective of life. So, here we are going to present a proposal for performance evaluation for lecturers with possible elements, which can be implemented in a variety of situations.

 There could be different aspects of a lecturer to be analyzed. One aspect is his/her teaching effectiveness, and here are some of the points to consider in this regard:

• How a lecturer is performing in its teaching methods?

• If students are getting enough motivation and knowledge from their lecturers?

• How students are performing in their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and exams?

• If a lecturer is able to cover the course material within a given time period?

• If students are happy with the teaching method, where the lecturer is allowing them to understand each perceptive regarding their course?

• If the lecturer has been able to develop a great learning environment, which is showing great performance from all students on an average basis.

 So, these are some of the points to be kept in mind while teaching effectiveness of lecturers is being evaluated and measured. It is proposed that to evaluate the above-mentioned points, a performance evaluation form should be developed, which has two parts. The first part of the performance evaluation will assign certain performance marks to a lecturer for a certain class and course. For instance, a lecturer will be analyzed on the basis of the average grade of the class for a particular course. The average grade of all students will be collected, and if average grades were above 60%, it would be given a satisfactory rating to lecturers. If grades were above 70%-79%, lecturers would be given more than satisfactory rating. If the average grade of students will be above 80%, then a lecturer would be marked as "the best lecturer of the month" with the best performance rating. Certain performance marks will be given to each category mentioned above.

 It is important to mention here that the first part of the evaluation will have 50% out of 100% performance evaluation marks for each lecturer. The second part of the evaluation will be getting feedback from students regarding the teaching method, style, class behavior, etc. of lecturers. A feedback form will be given to each student at the end of every month, and they would fill this form with their relevant answers. Each answer will be graded accordingly, and an average grade will be measured from the feedback response of all the students. If the majority of students will mention any kind of similar complaint about a lecturer, then the lecturer will be informed about it. The lecturer will be asked to rectify it and satisfy the concerns of the students. If a complaint would receive more than once, then an action committee will have a meeting with the lecturer to talk about the issue. It is important to mention here that only 20% of marks will be designated for this students’ feedback session because students can be biased in their approach against lecturers if they don’t like it for any personal reason. That’s why major performance evaluation portion is associated with the teaching effectiveness, which would be based on average grades and class performance of the students. The quality of learning in the institution should be improved so that the students can get a high-quality education. The following are some of the key ways through which excellence in teaching & learning can be achieved: