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Posted By Admin @ Mar 02, 2022

Tittle: Essay on Get our grass-fed chicken eggs delivered to your home, rather than trying to find us at one of the local farmer’s market

Type: Essay

Subject: Marketing


Before discussing the importance of online delivery of the eggs, let us discuss why these grass are fed chicken eggs special?

The main thing is that the chicken that is present in the Geelong farmer market is spending their 365 days on pasture, eating grass and chasing a different kind of bugs. Our chicken is completely different from the other one that is also called soy and GMO chicken.

The reason is that the taste of these chickens is unique and tasty because they are living a healthy life.

The Geelong farmer market is providing such chickens that fed on grass and chased different bugs. On the other hand, these chickens are totally different from those that spend their lives in the dirty, dusty shed under the light. Such chickens are unable to see a blaze of grass around them and also no sunshine.

But Geelong farmer market is providing chickens a healthy and happier environment. Where they are able to run and also chase bugs and eat natural things. Due to this, they are providing such eggs that are full of proteins and nutrition and also beneficial to eat because the chicken is produced in our farms.

We have made a mobile nest house for the chicken that is open only when there is pleasant weather for them when they are able to forage within the grass, scratching seed and feed the different bird.

In Geelong farmer market, these chickens are spending a few hours in the middle of the day in summers and in winter they forage in the morning or afternoon. In Geelong farmer market, the chickens are allowed to move around and search for new bugs and plenty of grass where they search for different nutrients from their rotation.

Another thing is that in Geelong farmer market, these chickens are completely free from Soy and GMOs. This is because these chickens have a lot of options when they are fed by grass. But the main point is that in our raw farming, we are always involved in producing high-quality chicken eggs that are rich in proteins and also healthy.

In such eggs that are produced from chickens that are based on Soy and GMO are totally unable to provide complete protein and nutrition.

Furthermore, one of the best things in the Geelong farmer market is that we are also providing free home delivery to our customers that are lived 30km radius of Geelong CBD. Our services are reliable and perfect. There is no such difference from the eggs that you brought from the local farmer’s market. We always ensure the quality of our eggs so you will become healthier and have a perfect life.

 Our main target audience is such people that wanted to live a healthy and perfect life. We just wanted to ensure that our customers will get such eggs that completely refrain from any artificial products that chickens are taking nowadays. If you want healthy eggs just go to our website and submit an order.