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Posted By Admin @ Mar 02, 2022

Accor Hotel

Accor hotels were situated in the international market opposite a hotel in Warsaw, Poland in 1973. The Accor hotel established by Paul Dubrule and Gerard pelisson after focusing on expansion in France. Accor’s hotel spending the most off expenditure on their customers in different categories of portfolio as 39% in middle-class, 45% on the economy, and 16% on luxury segments. In luxury segment the hotel provided a unique emphasis on standerdised luxury equipment in this department and decorated the hotel furniture by a famous designer by mixing the traditional and authenticity in the environment. In Middle class the hotel pays emphasis on the reliability and the value of the money. They focus on both business tours and travelers, and they offer comfortable standardized rooms, meeting rooms, and meals included in it. And in the economy class they provide the travelers with the necessary equipment with the refreshment after 15 minutes a valuable decorated room with appropriate accommodations and with a simple breakfast buffet. Accor’s hotel has many other competitors in this race, as the main chain of international hotels was included. They face competitions in different classes of their hotels as comparing with other hotels. Regarding their god services and excellent facilities, travelers, tourists, and businesses, people prefer their hotel to stay.

Four ways ofn which social and digital media are transforming the way in which consumer’s access and use services are listed below

• The rise of online content

• Social media Listening

• The Emergence of review sites and role of trust

• Shift in power

 The social and digital media transforming the hotel bring the new wave in the latest technology solutions such as printing, mobile media, open classes, surfing things on the internet, and payments through mobile, and transporting facilities like food panda and uber these technologies represented the essential changes in the history of transforming the customers. We get connected to hotels by online transactions; there are a lot of facilities we can pay the bills of the hotel through an online purchase and book hotel rooms before arrival as per our requirement through technology. The digital revolution also increases the number of travel agents through them. We can easily make the booking of our trips, book different tour services. This didgtal transformation also offers discounts and hotel deals according to customer choice to pick up or choose their bundles of deals.

 In the past, the concept of online surfing came out through different media channels; these media channels spread the information. In past time all most all type of old hotels relied on these media channels to get famous they made a specific ad and then played them on different channels to get recognized, but nowadays the digital media get progressed because there are many reliable websites and links are presented on the google and other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and What's app. On Facebook different restaurants make their pages and communities on where they updated their consumers or customers updated through their new information. Hotel reviews, customer comments, and complaints on oats, metasearch and review sites like Tripadvisor can actively examine the comments. Many platforms dedicated to SML emerged, and many other large corporations adopted and centralized the SML system to stay on the top of the social conversation, for instance in 2009 intel launched a social media command name as Intel Social Media Centre for Excellence to manage the enormous amount of social media interactions over 10 million fans all across through facebook pages. In alternatively, the most famous and vast amounts of chatter of the hotels can be an external source of specialicing in monitoring and listening the online content from public spaces.