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Tittle: The benefits and drawbacks of Brexit

Type: Essay

Subject: Corporations


On 23 June, 2016, at the end of the day it seemed like the entire world was going to alter. It is so because 52% of the Britain population cast the votes for leaving European Union. In the year 2019, the Parliament cast the votes that made the Prime Minister Theresa May to rethink over the issue. It helped the Prime Minister to negotiate with the European Union rather than taking the said deal. It led to the “no deal arrangement” for the same. In this way, the United Kingdom got the withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit).

If we talk about the benefits or the pros of Brexit then we come to know as given. Brexit may make the country to experience the cost savings immediately up to the maximum extent. As the membership cost for the European Union is so much. The amount spent by Britain for the membership purposes is £13.1 billion. In return only £4.5 billion was received for the spending purposes. For Britain, the emphasis of the trade can better be shifted. In case, Britain got separated from European Union then it can have the opportunity to establish its own trade contracts as well as the trade partnership. The multinational governing body will thus be devoid of the responsibility for making the trade negotiations on the behalf of Britain.

By having the membership of European Union, the unique identity of Britain is no more existing. Brexit provides the Britain with an opportunity to have the entire control over the national as well as the international affairs. Brexit makes it possible for the country to grab the steering wheel once again as they steer toward their fate. The problems which are linked with the forced immigration related with EU can better be resolved through Brexit. It will be helpful for Britain to make the decisions regarding the immigration which better suit the interests of the nation. There is also the possibility to have the new job openings through Brexit. The border security can also be improved through the same. The issues associated with the bureaucracy can also be eliminated by adopting the practice of Brexit.

 If we talk about the drawbacks or the cons of Brexit then we come to know as is given. Due to Brexit, the protections related to equality in the payments, safety to the workplace as well as the maternity leaves will be eliminated. The equality rights, which are provided by European Union to the minorities & the women, after the efforts of many years, will be eliminated. Once the divorce happens, then there wouldn’t be the same protections against discrimination as there are now in the international courts. The parameters that will be reversed due to Brexit may include: for the workers guaranteed annual leaves of four weeks, break-times after regular intervals, flexible working hours with restriction to work for less than 48 hours, paid parental leaves for the period of four months and the employee’s protection in case of the change of the enterprise ownership etc.

The financial firms will lose the opportunity for having the free passport for trade with the Britain. Due to Brexit, the labor shortage will be created which will ultimately affect the economic growth of the country. The sharing of the intelligence information will be prevented due to Brexit. After the separation took place, there will be the reduction to the data coming from United Nations. This will make the situations more difficult for those who need the first-hand information. The FDIs (Foreign Direct Investment) amount will be reduced which is received by Britain. After Brexit, the Britain might be required to follow the rules, laws & regulations of EU.

The protections, which are available to health, food as well as animal rights in Britain, might be reserve by Brexit. Although, more jobs will be created by Brexit but they may remain unfilled. The U.S., which is the primary partner of Britain for the trading purposes, might be lost due to Brexit (vittana, 2019).


In case of no deal Brexit the supportive argument includes as given: the UK tends to leave the free-trade zone along with the eradication of the free movement of the people from one region to another. In this regard, the argument against this discussion narrates that the EU is serving as the biggest trading partner for Britain. There is a chance that UK might not get the great opportunities, for having the strong trading associations, once it left.

  If it is the case of ‘soft Brexit’ i.e., leaving with the deal then the association of UK and EU will remain intact. It is only possible by having the negotiations. Otherwise, the drawbacks of Brexit will have its impact on the national as well as the international affairs. As a supportive argument it can be said that it would be easier to trade by staying in the single market/place to serve. It will serve as the basis for establishing the strong association between EU and UK. Opposite to it is the case that staying in the single market means UK is more liable to follow the rules and regulations of European Union (ig, 2019).