Ops 571 Week 6 Signature Assignment

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Tittle: Discussion Response for "Reflections on Exile"

Type: Courses

Subject: Educations




Response for "Reflections on Exile"

The reflection on the Exile is the essay that provides the title for the entire collection and in 1984 it was originally published. This essay was established originally for the said own conditions for the experiences other exiled intellectuals and as an exile. These all discussion is explained about the encountered for the course of his life. Therefore, said was careful while he was writing something in his paly and he is not careful for his limits for the argumentation of artists and intellectuals. He has stated and appreciate the real impact of Exile. While reading all the reflection the one most important thing that I liked very much in this essay that is related to the aspects of the socio-cultural issues. He has raised the various points for American cultures as well as these points are relating with the social lives of the American was and the people who belongs to the outer regions of the America.

I like his arguments related to the writing on the lives and works of such socio-cultural issues and he has demonstrated that he is one of the indeed and modern teachers along with the critiques of highest order. I like his arguments for the values of the socio cultural aspects and he have explained these aspects in his study or essay in explanative and effective manners and he is well; known for his progress in the 'postcolonial criticism' and his involvements in the cultural and literary criticism is the one of his strong points in his writing. By considering the socio cultural issues of the America in the from the readings of “Said” these issues can be directly inter p[ret the performances of the other well-known writings such as Sophocles' Electra Play and Behrouz Boochani's and these studies are also related to the social cultural issues of the America. This essay is referred as the acknowledgment of the modern Exiles as well as their particular places in the society. Personally; I like this essay too much due to its content easy way of explaining particular issues.