Essentials Of Management Andrew Dubrin 9th Edition Pdf

Posted By Admin @ Feb 26, 2022

Theme and Idea

The theme that I’ have learned from the film that it was difficult to understand and cope with the norms and culture of another country. In the new place, you take time to adjust to changing the environment; every culture has different moral values norms, different traditions, and different languages. The movie is based on the problem of change of culture and language issues that were faced by character name bob. Bob is an actor who comes to Japan for the sake of the work; here he met different kinds of people, the major problem he faced there is the language problem, he didn't understand what they are saying to him, and he lost in Japan culture. But he finds the different ways to understand the language, through body language, eye contact, facial expression, and gestures. And then he finds a girl in the whiskey bar who also speaks English as well as Japanese, and she help the bob to cope.

The culture in which we were born is easily able to influence physically, emotionally, and mentally. The world in which we live is a revolving doorstep of stereotypes. How we think, perceive and react to the situations is influenced by the environment in which we live. Parents play an important role in the developing personality of the child. Stereotypes are associated with different logical or illogical reasons. The new generations' mind is socially built through social media, internet, and T.V programs. These media links and t.v programs depict more about a culture. Stereotypes have a cultural background. For example on some incident a stereotype is made that all Muslims are Terrorists.

When people from different cultures move into new places, he is not aware of the surroundings of how other person lives and how I survive. Different cultures had different traditions, different ways of living, eating. As I am from Saudia Arab, and I’ve got a chance to visit Turkey to see one of my relatives on vocations for three months. The environment is quite the opposite to our surroundings. Although both were Muslim countries their style of living was too different, our ladies wear abacas and the but ladies of turkey wear western clothes. The food they eat was different from ours. But to move forward in the culture, I adopt the integration method, which helps a lot; integration is one of the most major techniques for acculturation.

There are many contradicts that could be discussed as if we move to another country we can solve the language issue, as in every developed or un develop country English language can be known to all the literate people of the country. And we find the food of that we used to eat there are facilities in a developed country where food of different country are available, and the junk food is being loved by all the people in the world, and it has been available in every country. And in the well-developed countries, different communities are made for minorities, just like Canada, they have Muslim communities in different cities.

Every country has its own norms, culture as well as the tradition. For every person who moves from one region to another or one country to another, he has to face the difficulties in that new region. This can be related to any aspect of life i.e., eating, clothing, speaking, living or any other aspect of life.

If we talk about the culture of Japan then it has its norms and culture. It can either relate to the language, celebrations, religion, sports as well as family structure. The national language which is spoken in Japan for normal conversation is Japanese. It is perceived to be the primary language which is used for the interpersonal communication as well as for the official conversation. The modern Japanese is made up of three alphabets. It includes as given: Kanji which is basically the logographic Chinese Character, Katakana which is used for the foreign alphabets as well as Hiragana which is a phonetic Japanese alphabet.