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Posted By Admin @ Mar 02, 2022

Tittle: Report on Why Kids Hit

Type: Report

Subject: Educations




Introduction of Why Kids Hit

Many parents are not well aware of this nature of their kids and consider it as if they are playing or being naughty. There can be number of different scenarios in this case of children hitting to others, they can hit their fellows, siblings and even their parents. Many parents are not well aware of it that whatever they are doing in front of their children is causing them effect too. They see their parents fighting or arguing then try to mimic it as well. Here the case is not only revolving around the parents but children can also learn this from their fellows and many different people living around them. There are many children who are not being noticed or given proper attention and as a result what they do is start getting frustrated. As being frustrated they lose their mental control and ultimately release their stress by hitting. Parents and teachers should tell them different ways to control their anger and frustration. They should always act in a positive way in front of them and above all they should always and always listen to them whatever they are trying to say. When children become unable to convey their message verbally, as a result they start this action of hitting. (Forness,; 1996)

There is another case, many children in different areas don’t know appropriately that how should they convey their message verbally, although teachers and parents do listen to them but still they don’t know how should they convey their message. After being annoyed they start using physical hitting. So for this they should be asked to act properly and control their anger. Parents and teachers should try to co-operate with them as much as possible.

In our society, this children hitting is not considered to be bad at all because parents think they are just kids and will learn to behave with the passage of time as they will grow. No, they are totally wrong here. They need to be stopped because this can become their habit. They will do it after growing up as well, so to stop this kind of act they should be asked to control their anger and physical hitting as soon as possible in a positive way.

Getting hit by your own child can be insulting and frustrating too. While to some parents, it brings shame and depression in front of others. Third kind of group is when their children hit them or others they ultimately start thinking as if they are somehow failing as a parent. There is no doubt in it and nothing to worry about as at one point or another, children to hit but how you respond to that act of your children, how parents plus teachers try to stop it will obviously influence how likely that children will hit again in coming scenario.

Reasons why children hit:

There is not a single reason behind anything, same is the case here. Different reasons have been known behind the children hitting:

• At times such children start to feel lash out when their mood changes and they start feeling angry because in that case they are not well aware of controlling their feelings or how can they cope up with a current situation in a better way. After losing control on their anger the children or kids start hitting whoever they see in front of them without thinking once.

• Some children start hitting because they lack an impulse control. They just start hitting others without even thinking about the consequences that what might can happen next.

• Every children wishes for certain things and when they start to feel that their wishes are not being fulfilled or their requirements are not being fulfilled they feel frustrated and as a result start hitting. (Kauffman, J.M., 1999)

• Parents always stop their children from doing wrong deeds or whatever they think is better for their children. Sometimes children also hit their mother by thinking this that doing such deeds like hitting can change their mind and that particular child is free to do whatever he or she wants.

Tell you children about the appropriate behavior:

This is not enough to such children just saying that “Don’t Hit” try to teach them about the anger management skills as much as possible. Try to divert the attention of such children by asking them to read books, ask them to do painting, go out for sports or simply go back to their room when they feel angry.