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Title: What is the major challenge that faces cloud computing today?
Type: online Exam
Subject: IT
Discussion of Questions
1. What is the major challenge that faces cloud computing today?
Ans. Cloud computing is a way of providing different software and hardware by using the internet over a remote server of the network. Remote server processing the data, storing and managing for the users. But cloud computing has to face many challenges like migration, segmented usage, and adoption, security issues, building a private cloud, cost management, and containment, performance, lack of resources/ expertise, governance/control, managing multiple clouds and compliance. There is no ambiguity that cloud computing has great opportunities for users. Cloud computing also using technology that implements such strategies for risk and cost-effectiveness. Cloud technology depends on the resource of allocation for the economy of scale and obtains consistency and it is also very cost-effective in all types of businesses. (Durcevic, 2019)
2. How can redundant storage architecture technologies be improved to meet the demand and the expansion of cloud storage needs for redundancy and failover capabilities?
Ans. Sometimes the devices of cloud storage face some disruption and failure that create a problem for the network connectivity, security breaches, and controller or general hardware failure. Ripple effect is shown by the cloud storage devices' reliability and also different infrastructure, applications, and services that cause failure. For solving this problem, redundant storage architecture use as a duplicate cloud storage device that synchronizes the data with the primary storage device over the fail system. Wherever the primary device fails, a storage service gateway diverts cloud consumer requests to the secondary device. To settle the economic reasons, the cloud providers may locate secondary cloud storage devices in a different region than the primary cloud storage device. It also dictates the methods and protocol through synchronization with some specific restrictions. (Thomas Erl, 2013)
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