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Tittle: Please explain why the Sui Dynasty was able to reunite the Chinese homeland into a single state, why the Tang Dynasty caused a flourishing of Chinese culture, and why the Song Dynasty was unable to preserve the unity of China when it was confronted by the Nomadic Dynasties.

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 The Sui Dynasty was able to reunite China into a single state because it was a short-lived dynasty, so it has less political issues, and it set the great stage for cultural & artistic renaissance. The Chinese culture flourished during the Tang Dynasty because it was an era producing great poets and painters of China. The Song Dynasty could not preserve the unity of China, because they had weakest military strength, which could not protect borders.


Please evaluate the argument that, when comparing Chinese influence in Vietnam, Korea, and Japan, the largest amount of influence occurred in Korea, and the smallest amount of influence occurred in Vietnam. Please use specific facts to support your arguments.

 It is true that Korea is more influenced by China than any other country. They have the deepest roots and great exposure to Chinese culture. The Chinese military had so many military colonies in Korea, and the philosophies such as Buddhism were also influenced by Chinese culture. On the other hand, Vietnam did not get an extensive amount of influence from China; rather they focused on their own cultural traditions and language.


Please use specific facts about technological, economic, and political history to evaluate the argument that the ENSO (also named “El Nino”) weather pattern reduced the rate of technological advancement in the Mesoamerican and Andean Civilizations, and as a result, they did not invent military technologies that would have allowed them to permanently repulse the invasions by Spain during the 1500s.

 It is important to know that ENSO (also named “El Nino”) weather pattern was not as correct at that time, as it could have been, but the Mesoamerican and Andean Civilizations take it as an important discovery for them, and they thought that no other technologies are needed to look at weather pattern and relevant aspects.


Please use specific facts to justify the argument that, during the Medieval Era (476 CE to 1402 CE), the Sub-Saharan African Civilizations significantly participated in cultural and economic exchanges with Europe and Asia. In your answer, please do not consider the Prehistoric Era (to 3200 BCE) and the Ancient Era (3200 BCE to 476 CE).

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 It is true that Sub-Saharan African had a great relationship developing with Asia and Europe, and that’s why they were able to participate in economic and cultural exchanges. Asia and Europe were two important regions, which helped this civilization to emerge. That’s why its relationship with Asia & Europe will always remain strong and evident.