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Posted By Admin @ Feb 28, 2022

By: A.B.C
To explain one’s behavior first, we have to understand that what is self-prophecy. Self-Prophecy has been defined as a set of beliefs as well as expectations which a person holds about the future, and as well as they will also evident because individuals hold them very well.
The Concept of self-fulfilling prophecy was mostly included in the area of doing the investigation; mainly, it can be used negatively. (Merton, 2016) When we believe something about our self, we have behaved mainly related to our confirmed assumptions, as well as this will also reinforce one’s beliefs about himself.
Self-prophecy can be further explained through an example, such as, In the environment of the workplace, we have to interact with different individuals in different situations. Let us, spouse, that two persons had the same qualification, experience as well as they have some education. Despite this, one is having a confident personality, and the other one has an introvert personality, and he was insecure about his interview, and he assumed that he would not get this job. The other one who is very confident was giving good replies to the questions that were asked in the Interview.
Merton, R. K. (2016). The self-fulfilling prophecy. The Antioch Review, 504-521.