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Tittle: Report on Starbuck & Corporate social responsibility

Type: Report

Subject: Corporations




Table of Contents

Introduction of Starbuck 3

Benefits of corporate social responsibility 4

Reap Free Advertisements 5

Lead to efficiencies & cost savings in the value chain 5

Positive relationship Increased Customer loyalty 5

Limitations of corporate social responsibility 6

CSR Cost Money to implement 6

Conflicts by Profit Motive 6

Consumer are Wise to Green washing 6

Corporate social responsibility activities 7

Waste reduction and Recycling 7

Energy Conservation 7

Ethically Sourced Coca 8

Discussion of activities 8

Conclusion 8

References 10

Introduction of Starbuck & Corporate social responsibility

The story of starbucks was started in 1971. At that Time, Company is dealing with the basic coffee, tea, spices and whole beans in one store in one location. Millions of customers come to our door step on daily basis, and in more than 50 countries we are located in more than 17000 places. Starbucks 5 mission is to nurture and inspire the sprite of human beings, at a time one neighborhood, one cup, and one person. Starbuck's main concern is to provide best coffee to all people. Using the ethical sourcing practices, Starbuck's main target is to make all the coffee bean that is harvested in the superior quality standards. Starbucks uses quality beans on roasting plants, and with the signature of Starbuck roast, its experts maintain a balance in the taste and develop excellent flavor. Star Buck Company is dealing with multiple products on the demand of our customers. It includes fresh food, merchandise, handcrafts beverages and most important is coffee. The current performance of the company is very attractive and remarkable. Each interaction is unique, and every customer receives a drink from star buck barista. It’s a connection between customer and company that in one time of moment that one hand is going to present on counter to provide the other hand. Because the better relationship with customers enhances the life of organization, and it will generate the product for its customers in long period. (starbucks.com, 2019)

Starbuck is also working in the emerging markets for expansion its business opportunities. Lots of benefits also provided to customers with the usage of reward card of star bucks. It helps in building loyalty and makes the purchase easier for the customers. For its coffee, star buck is going to used fine quality beans and to meet that supplier company travel a lot to maintain its standards. And the advance technologies and advance machinery used by the company also enhances the quality of the products and attract more and more customers, so they want to maintain their link with the company and always want that product for use. Fresh food includes fruit cups, yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, salads, sandwiches, and baked pastries. Its merchandise includes gift pack and reading material, music, package goods, all accessories with coffee mugs, brewing of tea and coffee types of equipment. More than 30 blends and signal main Arabian coffee with high demand and multiple consumer product that is using in more than 13 countries are categorized into three types are star buck ice cream, ready to drink and coffee and tea (THOMPSON, 2017).