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Title: Essay on Business Plan Strategy

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Business Plan Strategy



In such a busy life, only those become successful who take decisions quickly and the same is the case with organizations. Different organizations need to take decisions willingly and quickly and those organizations which take decisions like this become successful in a short period. The change should not be just for the organization but should also be for the employees along with this, it should also be implemented positively for the betterment.

For the managing of different kind of changes in an organization, few steps are required which are:

Plan accordingly and carefully:

Before bringing any kind of change in an organization or its team, the leader should have a clear and straight plan in mind that covers how, when, where that change is going to take place.

Be honest:

A leader should always be honest with their employees. Each and everything should be clear to them. This will help them in getting motivated and be a part of bringing a change in an organization too.

Communication with employees:

Lines need to be opened between the leader and employees. A leader should bring out time so that he or she can communicate with them in a better way. Small meetings should also be arranged to know the difference before and after applying a change in the organization. Every question should be answered properly by the leader to the employees.

Assigning duties:

As a leader, he or she knows which employee is capable of which kind of duty. Before assigning duties, the potential of every employee should be well known and only then that particular employee can help in bringing the change in an organization.

Training & Development:

Training is an important factor to make an organization successful. It is that program which helps up in strengthening the skills of different employees which needs improvement. Below mentioned are some of the primary reasons for training in an organization:

• For increasing the adherence and productivity to the quality standards

• Reduction of direction and the supervision

• Increasing the stability and flexibility of an organization

• For the manpower needs in the future

• To make sure there occurs a reduction in accidents and different errors

• To know about the new techniques

While a development program helps in bringing all the employees to a higher state so that all of them know about each and everything they have the same knowledge and skills. This is helpful in the reduction of any weak links within the organization that completely rely on others to complete their simple and easy tasks.