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Tittle: Essay on Employee skills

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Employee skills

Introduction of the Employee skills

In this report, I will provide some new suggestions to the management for improving employees' skills. I work as a new manager in a small business company that have 20 to 30 employees working on projects. The business of a small company is growing rapidly, and management is facing only a single issue that is a lack of management skills in the employees. The cause of concern is to improve the management and how managerial skills can be improved to get more benefits (Emerson & Loehr, 2008).

Suggestion for the management to improve employee skills

Leaders in companies can improve employee productivity up to higher extent even still saving time. In the report, I have outlined different strategies to increase the efficiency of employees in small business companies. One of the best approaches, that are often implemented in different companies is daylight savings approaches and it's a good time to consider it in different ways (Emerson & Loehr, 2008). In the company, where I am working as the new manager, most employees are spending maximum time at the office and this time is certainly exceeding their typical 40 hours work per week. However, by increasing working hours it can not be translated into the increased efficiency (Emerson & Loehr, 2008; Chasen & Putnam, 2012).

1. Make workers delegate of the Employee skills

It is important to give responsibilities to maximum qualified employees and skilled employees. The manager is responsible to give opportunities to those who qualify with maximum skills and leadership experience. They will be ultimately benefited by the company and it is important to provide them with more change to prove them right (Chasen & Putnam, 2012).

2. Match skills with the task of the Employee skills

For improved management, it is important to know about the skills and behavioural styles that can maximize efficiency. Sometimes, the extroverted out of the box thinker and the creator ones are great employees that pitch new ideas for the clients. The employees are given with the detailed-oriented task and rule intensive conditions (Chasen & Putnam, 2012).

3. Communicate effectively of the Employee skills

Managers are provided with training to improve communication for the productive workforce. The communication methods must be efficient that can reduce the time-consuming activity of the workers. Instead of relying only on the communication it is important to try social networking tools. It is important to encourage employees occasionally and to adopt better voice to voice communication.

4. Keep goals focused and clear of the Employee skills

A manager can't expect employees to become efficient if they are not having focused goals. The well-defined goals are required to be clear for the employees. As a manager, I will make sure goals that goals are "SMART" - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. The task can be tweaked to provide help for the workers so they can become efficient and focused (Emerson & Loehr, 2008).

5. Incentivize employees of the Employee skills

One of the best strategies is to encourage employees and to make them efficient. Recognize the workers are working well and appreciate them to improve productivity. Management will decide how to increase the reward for efficient employees and to improve the working process of workers. The employees will be provided with incentives in different forms such as paid off time, take them to the meals, send them handwritten notes, provide them lazy Monday coupons, and implement wellness programs (Chasen & Putnam, 2012).

6. Reduce the excess of the Employee skills

First, it is important to focus on the larger goal and routine of the employees. The focus must be on higher priority and reduce wasting valuable time to accomplish goals.

7. Develop and train employees of the Employee skills

Reduce the training programs to save time and money of the company. It can provide ultimate backfire and force on the learning of employee to fly with extremely sufficient time. The hazards must be reduced to make the employee work on their task and time.