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Abstract of precision eye and laser hospital

The paper is based on the information about the new technologies used in the medical field to improve the diagnostic system in a specific hospital. The research is based on the treatment required by diabetic patients who needs retinopathy. The main purpose of the study is to learn about the different technology managed in coming three years and to evaluate the technology used in three years with different way such as in first year there is analysis of requirements of goals which are set by the management to meet the requirements of attaining the is all about the strategies which explains the engagement of employees in a specific task. In second year there is execution of plans and analysis about the management of the resources which are developed and allocated to implement in attaining the ultimate goals of the organization. In the last year, there is proper testing of the system, which is used in the ophthalmologist to find out the progress in the system. The section based on discussion about the significant perspective which is used to improve the quality of the outcomes.

Introduction of precision eye and laser hospital

The report is based on Precision eye, and laser hospital is based on working with new technology and multiple lasers for eye treatment, which are fully equipped in minor surgeries. Precision eye and laser hospital is always encouraged to improve customer service and wants to increase the quality of care with new and innovative technology and education. The office of Precision eye and laser hospital currently bring the expert refractive surgeon in Boston to access of patients to the advanced techniques in the eye care with radioactive lasers. Precision eye and laser hospitals are now accepting different and new patients. The staff of Precision eye and laser hospital always respond to customer’s call who wants to get information and arrange the schedule of the appointments and answer all the questions which are asked by the patients. There are different technologies that are used in diabetic patients with eyesight impact (J. H. Schroeder & Kiderman, 2017).

Precision eye and laser hospital office is working in Dental services with the services of expertise, which is located in Washington. All the offices are connected with the head office and implement all the policies and regulations with mutual consultation. There are different facilitation for the patients to pay for the treatment with high payment and could be paid through Citi Health card, which has flexible payment plan, which facilitates the patients could pay within the 12 months without interest payment plan. Precision eye and laser hospital providing the services of PRK surgery, refractive lens exchange, diabetic eye care, glaucoma, and pediatric ophthalmology. As concerned with the description of the American Diabetes Association and American Academy of ophthalmology vision care for diabetes in the Diabetic Retinopathy awareness program in the country with the help of advanced laser and technologies. The main objective of the paper is to identify the baseline features in the population which is randomly used in the clinics. The research shows that there are almost 2 thousand people who are suffering from diabetes and want to get treated by professionals with advanced and innovative products. The research study mainly targets the features of patients who interviewed, and almost 35% did not follow the instructions of vision care. Ophthalmologists performed approximately 50% of the examination in the adherence with different ratios such as in diabetes it is OR = 0.97, and another one maybe, OR =1.62 are more furthermore, there are also calculations about the examines of ophthalmologists as OR =5.32 and non-ophthalmologist OR =4.29 and practical knowledge about diabetes is OR = 1.57 and much more data in the population which should be followed by the participants with which are not being followed by the guideline provided to the modifiable factors which could increase the early detection of diabetic retinopathy (G. A. Moo-Young, 1985).